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Grafbase enables developers to deploy GraphQL APIs faster with modern tooling.

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Focus on shipping products instead of building infrastructure.

Edge Gateway

Connect databases and APIs to a single GraphQL endpoint at the edge.


Configure auth in minutes with your favorite identity providers.

Edge Caching

Cache any data source and make it lightning fast globally.


Collaborate on changes with instant preview branches.


Fuzzy and typo-tolerant serverless search built-in.


Monitor performance and identify bottlenecks in realtime.

Spend less time integrating, more time innovating

Build and ship your API in minutes using code-first or schema-first configuration.

Data Sources

Unify your data layer by stitching data sources together.


Integrate popular authentication providers in minutes.


Accelerate your data sources with advanced edge caching.


Serverless persistence that scales.

Go from idea to GraphQL API in seconds

The Grafbase workflow is built by developers, for developers to be efficient and elegant.

Local development

The Grafbase CLI provides a zero config local development environment that mimics production.

Git-based workflow

Grafbase automatically creates previews for each Git branch in your repository. All commits to your branch will trigger a new deployment.

CI/CD built-in

Faster build times leads to faster delivery.


See how easy it is to integrate your favorite framework, library, database, or API.



Realtime chat using GraphQL Live Queries, Next.js and NextAuth.js

MongoDB Edge Resolvers

MongoDB Edge Resolvers

Build and deploy your own GraphQL API for MongoDB with Edge Resolvers



Share what you're working on with this Dribbble clone with Next.js and Cloudinary

Works with your favorite stack

Grafbase integrates seamlessly with your existing stack, and with the tools you already know and love.

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Simon Grimm@schlimmson

Tried @grafbase and was impressed how easy & fast it was to create your serverless GraphQL API + local instance 🔥

Rasmus Hjulskov@RasmusHjulskov

Current fantasy tech stack 🚀: - @nextjs - @tailwindcss - @typescript - @trpcio - @grafbase - @ClerkDev


As an engineer, I'm always on the lookout for tools that make my job easier and more efficient. @grafbase has quickly become a go-to for me in my #GraphQL development work. Its real-time query execution and intuitive schema management have saved me countless hours of debugging


Done playing with @Cloudflare Pages & Workers, for now. Now to learn some @grafbase and see how if it can play a role, because it is pretty nifty!

Bobby Blastbeats@tubbo

not sure if @grafbase is so good that it will actually obviate my entire job, or if it's good enough that i can use it at work without someone questioning my existence. either way, i am sold on the concept of "upload some SDL and query shit, stop worrying about the DB infra".


Damn, trying out the @grafbase beta & it's super slick! Feels like what @planetscaledata is doing for databases, @Grafbase is going for #GraphQL 🔥


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